PNTGLLRYNTWRK Presents: Wizdome Winzdays

by Freddie P.



released October 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Freddie P. Los Angeles, California

Residing out of Los Angeles, California, Freddie P. is one of the few genuine artists bringing back pure and authentic music, reminiscent of golden-era Hip Hop. He is an emcee/producer, one part of Tailored For Success Club and a proud member of the PNTGLLRYNTWRK. ... more

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Track Name: The End (Prod. by Anacron)
Fresh off my flight on a layover, alotta haters said it was game over, exaggerated flow about a takeover, I just wanna wake up my son a day older, cause I've been through that fire, I've been through that flame, ain't worth pointin blame, ain't worth given names, we try to move forward, when nothins changed, and stay in our lanes when things are the same, we get to comfortable, my grandmother left us a month ago, she always said to use the fire in our soul, and take a step out the box and out the comfort zone, so this is the end to my childish ways, this is the end to all of my dismay, this is where I have the courage to say, the end of my beginning not the end of my days

I know you wanna see the light, but sometimes you gotta know how to lose a fight, gotta know how to be wrong when your right, gotta be strong when your weak, trials of your life, a lotta cats are out of sight, no where to be found they can't handle the strife, I'm lookin up and down, all I see is the fright, like a kid yellin out about a bump in the night, you say it's all pressure, you can't take the pain, your tryin so hard but there's nothing to gain, the stress can't be measured, your feelin so lame, try livin the present, stay focused and framed, and this the end, the end of a era, the end of some friends, the end of this verse, not the end of my pen, The end of the beginning not beginning of my end