Bad Apples

by Freddie P.

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LAPD, yeah they got some punks
Got a few bad apples in the Muthafuckin bunch
Oakland PD and them transit chumps
Shoot a man in the back then they all go to lunch

Yeah, and another one, and another one, and another one
Cops went ahead and shot another one

Verse One:
Little kids wavin at the fire trucks
Not police cars 'cause police man might shoot em up
And that's what's up
Shoot first investigate later
They ain't puttin guns away until your body has craters
So pray to your savior cause they'll empty quick
You'll be carried by six by the nine on they hip
So watch your P's and Q's 'cause they got full clips
And they'll let them all slip, no remorsefulness
I've had to many run-ins with the law
License, registration, hands against the wall
To many friends that weren't involved
But they took the fall
And got pinned on some bullshit that they didn't do at all
But that's just the system, it's an intricate web
They wanna see you in jail, they wanna see you dead
And if they can't have both they sit you on a curb
Search through your shit and have everyone observe
My cousin Mike had a sandwhich on rye
Got stop by the cops for that shit, no lie
Call it what you want, billy clubs, nightsticks
Reality is they just thugs with ice picks

Verse Two:
That cop over there said he didn't do it
And that cop over here said he didn't pull it
They protect eachother's ass then they serve us bullets
I'm not talkin bout gun store service
I'm talkin bout shootin down an unarmed kid
How do you live?
Do you know where justice is?
I guess it's packed away with your license to kill
Along with your badge and a two month deal
A slap on the wrist, that's all they gave you
You hid behind the shield, that's how they saved you
Now everyone is scared of what you may do
And to think that my taxes pay you


released July 31, 2011
Written & Produced by: Wizdome




Freddie P. Los Angeles, California

Residing out of Los Angeles, California, Freddie P. is one of the few genuine artists bringing back pure and authentic music, reminiscent of golden-era Hip Hop. He is an emcee/producer, one part of Tailored For Success Club and a proud member of the PNTGLLRYNTWRK. ... more

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