I Got This

by Freddie P.

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Ya'll really know I got this
Got this shit going on

Give it up, Live it up
Give it up, Live it up
Give it up, Live it up
Give it up, Live it up

Verse One:
This is real dope shit
Peep the track, Intavenous
Bringin heat to the game, Gilbert Arenas
That's word to anybody that say I don't mean this
Now open your eyes man, You couldn't dream this
Ninety Two Olympic feelin, Jordan and Pippen
Against whole world with no competition
Bout to blow up at the end of transmission
and if ya'll don't like me, ask your friends what you're missin
West Coast rapper, L.A. Native
Homies bump my shit but I'm far from made it
Never am I jaded, I am always elated
With a smile on face, cup in hand, gettin faded like...

Verse Two:
This is fast pitch
So you T-Ball rappers need to get the hint
I'm permanent like felt tip
Hatin on my shit but I know you felt it
When it's all said and done haters will get dealt with
So here's a toast to my opposition
Ya'll ain't worth the toilet bowl that a muthafucka piss in
Neither are you herbs worth the words that I'm spittin
But I'm still comin at you, That's the way that I'm livin
Top floor, sky line, birds eye view
Get to know my elevation, understand my altitude
A lot of these dudes got Goliath attitudes
But I'm five foot eight and I'm still lookin down at you


released January 17, 2011
Written by Wizdome
Produced by Eyelim




Freddie P. Los Angeles, California

Residing out of Los Angeles, California, Freddie P. is one of the few genuine artists bringing back pure and authentic music, reminiscent of golden-era Hip Hop. He is an emcee/producer, one part of Tailored For Success Club and a proud member of the PNTGLLRYNTWRK. ... more

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